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PREORDER Grassroots California x Hyphy Color VERSION 2 Glow in the Dark SNAPBACK Hats!!!! includes FREE PURPLE KALEIDOSCOPE LASER

$ 50.00

SNAPBACK PREORDER Hyphy Color x Grassroots California Hats VERSION 2 glow hat. This is a PREORDER!!  You will receive a free purple kaleidoscope laser with your hat.  After completing the Hyphy Hat version 1, we anticipate that the Version 2 Hat should be completed sometime around March.  I am trying to get them completed sooner than that, but plan on early spring.  

Each hat comes with a UV LASER with kaleidoscope cap and a LED Pinch light to draw on your hat with.  The white portion of each Hyphy Hat is very stain resistant and rather easy to clean.  Glow material will never fade.  The black portion of your hat will only glow on the Gsprout.  It will not show dirt and will increase the breathability and comfortability of your hyphy hat.  Each hat also has a stash pocket on the inside.

Available in both sm/med and lrg/xl SNAPBACK.

FITTEDS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ON SITE.  They have their own product page.

Shipping Charges and taxes apply.


Danger Laser Radiation- Avoid direct eye exposure with Lasers!!! Output 5mw. Lasers should never be pointed at eyes. Sunglasses with a polarized rating will block uv lasers. Please wear sunglasses while wearing Hyphy hat to prevent eye injury. Highly Recommended!! The included LED UV pinch light is the safest way to get hyphy with your Hyphy Color hat.

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